In an attempt to catch up with the world of podcasting, I asked friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook what I should be listening to. The result was 50 different shows recommended by 35 people. Ten of the shows were recommended by more than one person. As unscientific as a Friday night social media ask to one particular person’s network is, I thought I’d pass the list along. Some of it isn’t surprising (people like This American Life!), but it’s a great starting point for me.

Thanks to all who contributed. If you have anything to add, tweet me w/ #podcastme.

The podcasts that were recommended more than once:

This America Life (9 votes: @KatManalac, @lisamgs, @mo_faux, @lisajpetrie, @eyeseast, @gteresa, @ericscottsays, @VoteMikeJones, FB friend Thor)

Planet Money (7 votes: @AndrewDonohue, @KatManalac, @lisamgs, @eyeseast, @ericscottsays, @VoteMikeJones, FB friend Thor)

RadioLab (6 votes: @KatManalac, @mo_faux, @eyeseast, @ericscottsays, @VoteMikeJones, FB friend Thor)

The Slate Culture Gabfest (4 votes: @courtwrites, @johannhari101, @mo_faux, @gteresa)

99% Invisible (4 votes: @eyeseast, @gteresa@zackseward, FB friend Jessica)

On Being (3 votes: @courtwrites@TrentGilliss, FB friend John)

The Moth Radio Hour (3 votes: ‏@lisajpetrie@TrentGilliss, FB friend Thor)

The Bugle (3 votes: @AdrianChen@rifewitherrors, FB friend Mark)

WTF (3 votes: @paulkiel@rifewitherrors, FB friend Josh)

All Songs Considered (2 votes: @maryintx@gteresa)

The rest (in the random order I gathered them):

Spark with Nora Young (FB friend Tim)
Guardian short story podcast (FB friend Celeste)
Philosophy Bites (FB friend Thor)
Risk (FB friend Thor)
Roderick on the Line (@rifewitherrors)
The Shannyn Moore Show (@dianewitt)
The BS Report (@AndrewDonohue)
The Best Show (@e_piil)
How Was Your Week? (@e_piil)
Avant-Garde All The Time (@e_piil)
Lexicon Valley (@paulkiel)
In Our Time (@paulkiel)
Pro Publica (@paulkiel)
Too Beautiful to Live (@pkkilkel)
Citizen Radio (@pkkilkel)
Mike Meara Show (@owillis)
This Week in Tech (@owillis)
Never Not Funny (@owillis)
Nieman Lab (@Penn36)
Martini Shot (@eyeseast)
Metafilter podcast (‏@anildash)
Stuff You Missed in History Class (@litcritter)
Nerdist Writer’s Panel (@litcritter)
Still Untitled: Adam Savage Project (@litcritter)
The Monocole Weekly (@TrentGilliss)
Sound Opinions (@maryintx)
Hypothetical Podcast (@maryintx)
Marketplace (@byMattBerger)
Pop Culture Happy Hour (@gteresa)
Love + Radio (@zackseward)
In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg (@bdeskin)
Too Much Information (@bdeskin)
NYer Fiction Podcast (@bdeskin)
How Sound Tweets (@gteresa)
Slate Political Gabfest (@mo_faux)
Studio 360 (@mo_faux)
Late Night Live (@johannhari101)
Little Atoms (@johannhari101)
Twit.tv tech podcasts (@tracegilton)
Nerdist Network comedy (@tracegilton)